Wuhu Deli Motor Co., Ltd. won the 6th of Wuhu's top ten most growing enterprises in 2014
Release time:2015-07-09 

In order to fully implement the national implementation of enterprise innovation drive, accelerate transformation and promote the transformation of economic development mode, the Municipal Enterprise Federation and the Municipal Statistical Society evaluated according to international standards for the ninth consecutive year, with the strong support of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, taxation and other relevant departments, using 2014 industrial enterprises, service industry (excluding finance and real estate industry) The annual statistical report of the construction industry and other data materials evaluated the industrial enterprises above Designated Size, the service industry above Designated Size (excluding finance and real estate industry) and the construction industry in the city. That is, the top 100 industrial, service and construction industries were selected. At the same time, among the more than 1800 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the city, according to the enterprises with high three-year average growth rate with R & D institutions, R & D investment, high product technology content and high market share, highlight the first industry and strategic industry, and select 10 most growing enterprises. Wuhu Deli Motor Co., Ltd. won the 6th place among the 10 most growing enterprises.

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