How to locate the enterprise website?
Release time:2015-07-08 

To locate your website, you should first clarify the appeal style of the positioning marketing website. Generally speaking, the website has three appeal styles: rational appeal, emotional appeal and comprehensive. Any marketing website is faced with such a choice: should you base your "appeal" and communication strategy on an opinion supported by indisputable evidence, Or should we establish an emotional appeal that is "felt" by customers? Generally speaking, rational appeal emphasizes theory and logic, based on facts and mainly on introductory words; Perceptual appeal emphasizes intuition, based on value and image building.

Websites that emphasize rational appeal take facts as the basis, take products or technologies as the core, highlight enterprise characteristics through products or technologies, carry out marketing activities, and focus on the visual impact and attraction of products or technologies. This type of website often does not hesitate to write about products or technology, establishes its marketing position with rational demands, and strives to create a technology leading atmosphere in the hearts of customers, so as to produce a sense of trust in the enterprise. Obviously, this kind of site has relatively low requirements in design, but we must make great efforts to render the technology, product publicity, display, application and specific role in practice, and keep consistent in style. It is best to be consistent with the CI image of the enterprise, so as to maintain the continuous image of the enterprise in the online and offline image of consumers, so as to establish a consolidated position.

Websites that emphasize emotional appeal are mainly to establish a corporate image and service-oriented. The service here has two meanings. One is that the enterprise itself provides services, such as service industry; Second, the pre-sales and after-sales service of the enterprise. Enhance the position of enterprises in the hearts of customers through services, so as to promote marketing. This type must pay attention to the style design and creativity of websites, focus on perceptual demands, deliberately render or create a unique enterprise atmosphere, and deliberately reflect the value of a website or products and services. It must not be straightforward, let alone just move traditional services to the Internet, I think the vast majority of websites are like this. What services do we provide? Welcome to contact us, etc. imagine that the Internet is just a virtual environment. You don't create a credible atmosphere for visitors. Why should people trust your services? In reality, the reputation of enterprises is as effective as online. It doesn't matter if you can't find out where you really have strength. We can look back at our company and enterprise through website construction, re shape a new image positioning for the enterprise, and make efforts to strengthen construction in future operation, so as to be unique in the industry and strive to create a new image in the hearts of customers, And create a sense of trust. Please think carefully: why do customers buy or use your products or services instead of competitors' products or services when there are hundreds of websites in the same industry on the Internet? Market economy is competitive. You have to create a reason for people to choose your brand rather than someone else's brand. Therefore, on the one hand, we should strengthen the construction of special atmosphere, work hard on perceptual demands, eliminate the distance between enterprises and customers in time and space, establish customer loyalty, increase customer value, and maximize their own benefits by expanding, establishing, maintaining and strengthening customer relations; On the other hand, design your website well. A unique design can create a unique corporate culture - Internet corporate culture. Maybe this is inconsistent with the traditional marketing style. It doesn't matter. Don't rely too much on traditional marketing!

The comprehensive type is also more common, that is, combining the above and the two, because for the same product, different people may make different decisions based on different decisions - sometimes the characteristics of the product itself can determine whether you are rational or emotional. Therefore, we should pay attention to distinguish in creating the atmosphere of the website: if one aspect cannot fully explain the characteristics of products or services, we should combine the two and make rational and perceptual demands in different parts, so as to impress different types of customers, highlight the technological advantages of the enterprise with a large number of facts, and create a perceptual atmosphere, Emphasize the value brought by products or services to people, and jointly create a unique atmosphere of the enterprise through the combination of the two.

Generally speaking, the websites dominated by sensibility are mostly production enterprises, while the websites dominated by sensibility appeal are mostly service enterprises. Of course, this classification method is not absolute. Sometimes, as a production enterprise, its website may be service-oriented, comprehensive, or a website may choose different types of websites in different periods, The appeal style is also different. But no matter what type it is, or that sentence, everything serves marketing. In this way, the website can play its real value.

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