New (expansion) project report of Wuhu Deli Motor Co., Ltd
Release time:2010-03-10 

1、 Company profile

Wuhu Deli Motor Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, has accumulated more than 40 years of motor manufacturing experience in Wuhu, fully introduced Taiwan technology and combined with the surrounding excellent supporting processing capacity to form a production scale of 50000 motors per year. Its main products include DC permanent magnet motor, low-power fractional horsepower motor, single three-phase AC motor High power DC excitation motor, DC motor endless controller and other electronic control products.

The company has strong technical force and first-class product R & D capability. In recent years, we have developed eight series and nearly 200 varieties of motor and controller products. The products have high popularity in the domestic market. The main product - DC permanent magnet motor is widely used in the plastic machinery industry at home and abroad, and exported to Taiwan, Southeast Asia and European and American markets; We have established a perfect quality control system, and our products have passed the national compulsory product 3C certification.

The company is currently located in Ronghui science and Technology Industrial Park of Jiujiang Economic Development Zone, with a plant area of 1530 square meters and a total of 45 employees, including 12 management and technical personnel. The output value in 2009 was 10.12 million yuan.

2、 The company's development goals and 2010-2020 plans

Based on Wuhu, we will create a "Deli" brand, take motor production as the basis, take Mechatronics as the development direction, take scientific and technological innovation and quality first as the business goal, and face the domestic and international markets, so as to build Wuhu Deli Motor Co., Ltd. into a first-class high-tech Mechatronics enterprise in the province, in the forefront of the country and with a certain popularity in the international market.

The ten-year plan is to control the total number of employees within 300, with an annual output value of 150 million and a proportion of Mechatronics high-tech products of more than 70% by 2020.

3、 Background of project construction

In the process of development in the past four years, after entering the market with DC motor, we found that DC motor not only has a wide range of applications, a wide variety, rapid technological changes and strong market demand; And there is another huge market that we haven't found at that time, that is, the electronic control equipment market matched with DC motor. The speed regulation, control and other performance of DC motor can only be shown through these electronic control equipment. Compared with motor products, the proportion of material cost of electronic control equipment is small, the added value of products is much higher, and the profit space is larger. Therefore, our product strategy has gradually shifted from a single motor product to the policy of paying equal attention to motor and electronic control equipment, and gradually to the development of Mechatronics Industry.

The rapid development of motors and related controllers has led me into a new field: mechatronics. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, more and more products are intelligent, automatic and networked. In addition to using mechanical drive shell, these products also need to be controlled by circuit. The electrical part is no longer a simple switching circuit, but a large-scale integrated circuit, single chip microcomputer, sensor Intelligent components such as programmable controller are used to combine with the mechanical part of the equipment. Pure machinery or pure electronics can no longer meet the needs of industry development, and the industrial cluster of mechatronics has gradually emerged.

Mechatronics technology includes six parts: mechanical technology, computer and information technology, system technology, automatic control technology, sensor detection technology and servo drive technology; The mechatronics system is mainly composed of five parts: mechanical body, detection and sensing part, electronic control unit, actuator and power source.

As a tool to reduce human labor intensity, machinery has been developing and improving since its emergence. Modularization, networking, intelligence, automation, systematization and greening have become the direction of mechanical development. In coming centuries, nothing can replace position of the machinery. In other words, this industry still has a long way to go, and its proportion in people's consumption will continue to increase. The competition in this industry will become more and more fierce. Only by continuous innovation and the perfect combination of the soft and hard parts of mechatronics products can we make excellent mechatronics products. Since the 1990s, China's electromechanical integration has entered a period of in-depth development. The electromechanical integration industry is in the ascendant. Products and technologies are widely used in the fields of industrial automation and mechanical equipment manufacturing. With the further development of industrialization, the development prospect of Mechatronics Industry is very broad and expected.


4、 Necessity of project construction

First of all, expansion is the need of enterprise development. At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, we rented the waste plant of Wuhu clock factory opposite tingtang park on Jiuhua Middle Road, with an area of 500 or 600 square meters, small area and outdated facilities. However, the enterprise has developed rapidly, and the average annual growth rate of sales is about 100%. In April 2008, we moved into Ronghui science and Technology Industrial Park, with a plant area of 1530 square meters. After two years of development, especially the incremental expansion of fractional horsepower motor and single-phase and three-phase motor, the production capacity has increased, and the existing plants are increasingly unable to meet the growing production and operation needs, There is an urgent need to expand the new plant; Secondly, it is the need of the development situation of the industry. Traditional motor manufacturing belongs to material intensive and labor-intensive industries, with low added value of products, low labor efficiency, high energy consumption and consumables per unit output value, which does not meet the development requirements of environmental protection and low carbon. This requires us to make forward-looking plans for the development of enterprises and find the development direction. Mechatronics, as the promotion of traditional motor industry, is the direction we must choose; Finally, it is the need of the economic development situation. In the second half of last year, the State Council approved the planning of Wanjiang City Belt demonstration area for undertaking industrial transfer. Therefore, the development of Wanjiang economic belt has entered the stage of national strategic planning. Undertaking industrial transfer in coastal areas, especially in the Yangtze River Delta economic belt, is a huge historical opportunity. Wuhu, as one of the two cores, will lead the development of Wanjiang economic belt. In addition, Wuhu has formed automobile and parts industry group, electronic and electrical industry group and biopharmaceutical industry group, and the electromechanical integration industry associated with it will have broad development space.

5、 Favorable conditions for project construction

Wuhu enjoys excellent investment environment, excellent investment environment and unique location advantages. With complete supporting infrastructure and various preferential policies for investors, it has won the favor of investors at home and abroad, and successfully cultivated three pillar industries of automobile and parts, electronic appliances and materials represented by Chery, Midea, Hitachi and conch, And successfully introduced many of the world's top 500 enterprises to settle in. After being integrated into the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Wuhu has become the hinterland of the whole Yangtze River Delta. Its unique location advantages make Wuhu a leader in undertaking industrial transfer in coastal areas and one of the production and manufacturing centers radiating the whole country.

The transportation is convenient and unobstructed. Wuhu is an extremely important hub of land and water transportation in East China. Many water transportation, railways and expressways meet here. Nanjing and Hefei are close at hand. The Ning'an intercity railway and Beijing Fuzhou high-speed railway to be built pass through the city, and the geographical location is very important.

Wuhu motor has a long history. Since the 1960s and 1970s, represented by Wuhu micro motor factory, Wuhu motor has gone to the whole country and the world. In this process, Wuhu and its surrounding areas are dotted with many supporting processing manufacturers, providing metal casting and processing services, and good supporting processing capacity is not available in other areas; Secondly, Wuhu has a large number of technicians and skilled workers. Around the motor industry in Wuhu, a large number of intermediate technicians and skilled workers have been produced, which is the unique condition of Wuhu; In the course of decades of history, Wuhu motor has established its own high-quality brand image, which is our valuable intangible assets.

Vi Product and market analysis

DC motor has wide speed regulation range, smooth speed regulation characteristics, strong overload capacity and large thermal and braking torque. It is widely used in fiber machinery, woodworking machinery, packaging machinery, loading and unloading machinery, blower, grinding machine, concave convex printing machine, dyeing machine, slitting machine, various plastic (rubber) machinery, punch, roller press, press, metal planer and other mechanical equipment. The market is mainly distributed in the Eastern coastal areas from Liaoning in the north to Guangdong in the south, especially Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong Guangdong has the largest market demand. In terms of export market, Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets currently dominate. Taiwan's electronic industry and machinery industry have traditional advantages, and DC motor is one of them. In recent years, with the gradual expansion of Taiwan businessmen's investment in the mainland, Taiwan businessmen have gradually established many motor factories in the mainland, which preset the Taiwan market for DC motors in the mainland, At the same time, the market in Southeast Asia also makes the DC motor manufacturers in the mainland eager to try. There is also a large Japanese market in Asia. Outside Asia, the European and American markets are beginning to take shape, and the market capacity is huge.

In the early stage of construction, our company directly imported a full set of DC permanent magnet motor production technology from Taiwan. Both the product appearance design and the internal process level fully met or exceeded the Taiwan standard. This has been fully recognized by the market. Domestic manufacturers, including Taiwanese businessmen, and manufacturers in Vietnam have affirmed the quality of our products.

According to the future industrial planning of Wuhu, the automobile and parts industry has become one of the pillar industries of our city. Now around Chery Automobile, a large-scale automobile and parts industry group has been formed in our city, and in this industry, DC motor has broad market prospects; In addition, Wuhu's electronic and electrical industry cluster has been formed, and the electromechanical integration industry has gradually expanded. We intend to seize this good development opportunity to provide supporting services for Wuhu auto parts and electronic and electrical industry, expand, refine and strengthen the electromechanical integration industry, and create an excellent enterprise brand.

According to the market forecast, we plan to quadruple the production scale in three years to reach an annual output of 150000 units. At the same time, we will build a supporting electronic control equipment industry, with an annual output value of about 60 million yuan.

7、 Project construction content

First, infrastructure construction and plant construction. The project covers an area of 15.65 mu, a total of 10436 square meters, including 12757.84 square meters of new production plant and 285 square meters of office area. The total construction area is 13042.84 square meters, the floor area ratio is 1.25, the building density is 48.9% and the greening rate is 13.4%.

Second, it is planned to build three motor assembly production lines, two electronic product production lines, one painting production line, two spraying production lines, two product testing stations, one paint dipping production line and five CNC machining center / lathe production lines,.

The third is to build production auxiliary facilities and add auxiliary equipment, such as air compressor room, weighbridge, traveling crane, truck, forklift, laboratory and inspection equipment, station instruments, etc.

The investment in infrastructure and plant construction of the project is US $3.6 million, and the investment in equipment and other auxiliary facilities is US $2.4 million, with a total investment of US $6 million. The investment is divided into three phases, including US $3 million in phase I, US $2 million in phase II and US $1 million in phase III.

8、 Technical scheme and labor quota

At present, the enterprise has 45 employees, including 12 professional and technical personnel; It has two assembly lines, one painting line and more than 20 sets of various types of equipment, including lathes, drilling machines, automatic winding machines, spot welding machines, finishing machines and other cutting and processing equipment. According to the investment plan, the company will carry out technical transformation of the existing equipment, eliminate old equipment and increase electronic product production lines, CNC machining centers, boring machines Milling machine, winding machine and other equipment, new motor detection and test station and electrical detection and test station.

Selection of main equipment (equipment list and price)

Serial number

Equipment name





Unit Price

(10000 yuan)

Total price

(10000 yuan)


Motor production line



one hundred

three hundred


Electronic product production line



one hundred and forty

two hundred and eighty


Painting production line






Spraying production line




one hundred and twenty


Product testing station






Dip paint production line






CNC machining center / lathe production line




three hundred


Vehicles / means of transport




one hundred and twenty


Other auxiliary production facilities and equipment

four hundred


one thousand six hundred and ten

The company implements the general manager responsibility system. Major decisions of the company shall be approved by the shareholders' meeting, and the general manager shall be responsible for the daily operation of the company. The company sets the posts for all skilled workers and implements the piecework salary system. It is planned that when the production scale of 200000 motors per year is reached, the enterprise will have no more than 100 employees.

9、 Energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection scheme

In the past two years, in response to the national guidelines and policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, according to the industry characteristics and the actual situation of the factory, we have mainly done a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction in the following two points: 1) carry out systematic energy-saving transformation on the material structure of traditional motors and promote DC permanent magnet motors. Permanent magnet motor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, small volume, light weight, low consumption and high efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in almost all fields of aerospace, national defense, industrial and agricultural production and daily life. The rare earth permanent magnet motor used in the future is a revolutionary breakthrough in energy-saving and emission reduction technology. 2) To adopt the cleaner production mode, the first is to reduce the use of toxic and harmful raw materials or intermediate products, and the second is to adopt advanced technology and equipment, improve management and comprehensive utilization, reduce the generation and emission of pollutants in the process of production, service and product use, and reduce, resource and harmless waste.

According to the characteristics of the industry, the enterprise will invest in improving the internal production environment and the external air, water and sound environment, focusing on reducing internal dust emission, reducing noise, controlling sewage discharge and controlling the discharge of toxic and harmful gases. An important production link of our products is surface treatment. In the past, painting was used. We plan to change to spraying, improve the process, and build two new spraying production lines to reduce the impact of paint on the environment and ensure the beautiful appearance of the products.

10、 Investment estimation and financing method

The enterprise raised its own funds for the construction of new (expansion) projects. Within three years, the investment scale, including fixed assets, reached 36 million yuan.

In terms of land and plant, RMB 12.65 million was invested in advance to raise funds from the company's own funds, the realization of existing plants and personal real estate mortgage loans; The initial investment of new project equipment is 7.5 million yuan, including investment in new equipment, new projects and environmental protection. Within three years, it will reach 36 million yuan. The investment in phase II and III will be raised by means of rolling development of enterprises and mortgage loans for new plants.

Xi Preliminary project implementation schedule

The construction progress of the project includes preliminary investigation and demonstration, planning and design, construction drawing design, plant construction, equipment installation and commissioning, etc. It is preliminarily determined that the construction period is 29 months. The specific arrangements are as follows:

Feasibility research and product demonstration 2010.3-2010.9

The project land was obtained from September 2010 to March 2011

Demonstration of project process scheme from December 2010 to March 2011

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